Recent New Material on Edith Cavell

New book on Edith by Terri Arthur

The US nurse Terri Arthur has long been a Cavell enthusiast. In 2011 she published a substantial historical novel retelling the Cavell story Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell World War I Nurse. In June 2017 she published an illustrated 78 page book  telling the story for 8-10 year olds Edith Cavell Nurse Hero (£10.95; $11.95)). Her publisher is HenschelHaus in the US – contact them for details of both books (


New 1903 painting by Edith Cavell

A watercolour purchased in a second hand shop in Sheringham, Norfolk in 1965 for 1 shilling was painted by Edith Cavell. It is dated 18/2/1903 and initialled EC in the bottom right hand corner. It was painted whilst she worked at the St Pancras Poor Law Institution. She and a colleague, whose home was in Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire, were known to have taken long walks out of London. The old building depicted is probably one they came across on their walks. If you have any suggestions about the building’s whereabouts please send them to

Revd Stirling Gahan’s books

A contact in Leicestershire has recently generously donated Rev Stirling Gahan’s copy of Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan and other material on the Gahans. Stirling Gahan was the Anglican chaplain in Brussels in World War I and spent time with Edith in her cell the night before her death. The material will be on display during the Cavell festival (October 7 and 8 2017).

An opera telling Edith’s story

A Maltese researcher focusing on the works of Maltese composer Paolino Vassallo (1856-1923) has been looking for the scores of the three act opera which he wrote on Edith Cavell. It was performed in Malta in 1927, four years after his death.

So far only leather-bound manuscript volumes of two of the three acts have come to light. These are in the Norfolk Record Office, purchased in 1941 at auction. Where is Act 3? Are there any printed copies of the score or libretto? Email anything you may know to  If you might be interested in mounting a performance of parts of the opera in 2019 as a British first please also get in touch.